Chhandayan has always held to the strong belief in the power of music, particularly that of Indian music, which has helped human civilization to sustain itself over the past five thousand years. Because it is arguably the most ancient tradition still alive and vibrant, Chhandayan is committed to create awareness as to the potency of this art-form and thereby help humanity across geographical, racial, cultural, and religious barriers. Foundational to Chhandayan is that such a treasure is not to be ignored and lost, but to be preserved and promoted across the globe. Chhandayan envisions that one day there will be enough social awareness to value the gift of music properly and so to gain more benefit from it.

With this vision, Chhandayan has grown year by year in scope of offerings and impact on the community. Our activities include:

  1. Offering regular classes, workshops, and seminars on different aspects of Indian Music at numerous locations for various types of audiences
  2. Making resources available to supplement education and creative efforts of musicians
  3. Organizing and presenting regular concerts with a scope for intimate interaction between the musicians – both maestros and young talents – and their audience
  4. Providing a forum for and support to outstanding and emerging talents in the field of Indian music
  5. Educating audience through pre-concert lectures
  6. Participating in radio programs as both interviewees and as presenters of Indian music
  7. Sending out musicians for special occasions such as receptions, inaugurations, etc. 
  8. Producing significant musical pieces commissioned by various organizations and with different composers
  9. Presenting new productions of music and dance blending different cultural traditions, collaborating with others in this aspect
  10. Publishing and distributing books and recorded music
  11. Maintaining a store resources offering high quality musical instruments and repair at reasonable cost
  12. Taking the study of Indian music to higher education (university level) and advanced research (humanities) through the initiative and leadership of our artistic director
  13. Collaborating with community organizations, academic institutions, NGOs, and other agencies in advancing practice, propagation, presentation, and understanding of the rich heritage of Classical Indian Music