Music Retreat

We’ve always felt that much of the beneficial effects of music are not experienced through our regular listening. The protective shield we carry around us deflects most of the effective vibrations. At an instantaneous thought it may seem hypothetical, only until we experience the difference in a properly tuned body and mind.

To create an opportunity to experience music at that level we arranged a MUSIC RETREAT – a retreat to facilitate better absorption of the effects and benefits of Indian music. According to Indian tradition it would be more appropriate to call it SANGEET TAPOBAN – a music-meditation retreat.

It was held from August 16th (Saturday) through August 23rd (Saturday) at the India Community Center, Rochester located in a very natural environment in upstate New York.

The retreat combined Yoga, Massage, Ayurvedic diet, meditation and philosophy to have a more meaningful experience of music, particularly Indian music. While Yoga, Massage and Ayurvedic diet helped us prepare the body, meditation and philosophy prepared our minds to benefit more from interactive, hands-on and concert experiences of music.

Summer is the time to stretch, the time to feel and enjoy the stretch of time, the time for well-being. Chhandayan is here to join hands with you towards a better enjoyment of life – through music.