This unique presentation of music and dance is inspired by the sublime poetry of Kalidasa, written in the 150 BC in Sanskrit language. It is a beautiful reminder of the simple facts that no matter how advanced we may consider ourselves to be in our way of living, human beings have not really changed. We still feel the same pain separated from our beloved and we still feel the same instinct to communicate those feelings. Today we may be using SMS, back at that time they used CMS, the Cloud Messaging System.

Love has been in the center of human mind since inception, almost as the only sustaining element. It has innumerable levels of manifestation and many of its appearances are often baffling. In the Meghadutam the central theme is the pang of separation between two spouses, one of whom opts to use a floating cloud as a messenger to travel to his beloved, hundreds of miles away.

This presentation of Meghadutam is conceived and created by Samir Chatterjee, who also wrote the narration and composed many of the pieces. It is being performed by the extraordinary Rutgers faculty from the India Performing Arts Center.