Live Performances

Chhandayan musicians are available for special occasions such as wedding, anniversary, birthday, reception, inauguration, gallary opening etc. The most common and popular demand for such occasions is the Sitar and Tabla duet. But we have also kept the size and make of the ensemble open and flexible to fit the specific requirements of the presenter. Chhandayan’s reputation is based on prompt and professional service in terms of handling the booking procedure and quality of the music. Our musicians are equally qualified to provide the perfect ambient music for every occasion and also satisfy close listening. They would also be prepared to offer explanation on certain aspects of the music and instruments, if requested.

The musical repertoire ranges from traditional raga music to a fusion of Indian with non-Indian types, depending on the situation. The size of the space and the number of attendees would determine whether amplification will be needed or not. If needed, Chhandayan can also arrange the sound system at an additional cost. The musicians would always need to be set up on a riser covered with an area rug to ensure decency and honor.

A sample of music: Sarod-Tabla duo

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