Music of India


Author: Samir Chatterjee
This book is a brief introduction to Indian music history and theory in the context of the history and culture of the Indian subcontinent. It is being used as a text book at several unoversities, colleges, conservatoriees and other types of educational institutions. The cream of the following topics have been put within a very short space in a simple and clear language.

Some chapter titles:

* Early settlements
* History of Invasions
* Religions
* Chaturashram, four stages of human life
* Chaturvarna, four levels of social responsibility
* Vedas, the Two Epics and other scriptures
* A few Important Musical Texts
* Guru-Shishya Parampara
* Raga and Tala
* South Indian (Karnatic) and North Indian (Hindustani) music systems
* Indian Musical Instruments
* Different styles of Hindustani music
* Different styles of Karnatic music
* Gharana
* Swara-Shruti
* A chronology of Ragas
* A few common Talas
* A few practice scales
* A few rhythmic exercises and compositions
* Similarities and differences between Indian Music and other types
* Rasa
* Riaz and Sadhana
* Biographies
* Non-classical types of Indian Music
* Influence of Indian musical elements in non-Indian music
* Influence of non-Indian musical elements in Indian music
* Effectiveness of Indian music on well-being
* Some popular customs, values and practices