Dahina Service


    Like all other instruments, the Dahina or the treble drum needs periodical maintenance care. We offer some of those maintenance services, such as replacement of the Puri and Baddi/strap and pulling the straps and tightening the head/puri.
    All customers must print & fill-out the ?Service Contract? document linked below. The 2-page form needs to be mailed to us with the drum (along with the cover for the drum).

    On receiving and reviewing your item/s, we will determine whether it/they need/s a change of strap/s. Unless you have already paid for the change/s of strap/s, you can let us know if you would like us to contact you and wait for your approval to proceed with your work. Otherwise, we will complete the work according to our determination and ask you to make the additional payment for the strap. Unless you pay for insurance, we won’t be responsible for any damages to the item during shipping.

    Must purchase Return Shipping option.

    Breakdown of Price
    Dahina Puri (head) – $50
    Reheading Service – $50
    Baddi (Strap) – $35
    A set of Guli (wooden blocks/dowels) – $25
    Tightening Service – $25