Chhandayan, Inc. is a unique educational and service organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the rich heritage of Indian music in all possible ways. With our primary mission to create an atmosphere for learning, understanding and appreciating Indian music, Chhandayan has prepared itself to offer services in almost all areas essential to the pursuit of Indian music, such as information, verification, opportunities for hands-on practical experiences, and access to materials up to the level of advanced humanities research. 

Chhandayan offers classes of Indian music (vocal, instrumental) and dance supplemented by periodic workshops, seminars and lecture- demonstrations throughout the year. Chhandayan’s series of concerts are some of the most popular and exciting events to the local community it serves. The highlight of these series was the annual all-night concert held in New York city on the second Saturday of May, every year for 20 years until 2019.

To facilitate learning Chhandayan has also developed a store with the supply of good quality instruments, books and recorded music. Chhandayan publications are designed to enrich the music world with new works of music and writings. As in every other aspect, quality of content and presentation is always prioritized. Chhandayan is constantly in the creative process of developing new and unique productions offering invaluable insight into the scopes and possibilities of Indian music and its relationship with other musical and cultural traditions.

Chhandayan strongly believes in the power of music, particularly that of Indian music, which has helped human civilization to sustain over the past five thousand years. It is perhaps the most ancient tradition that is still alive and vibrant. Chhandayan is committed to create awareness as to the potency of this art-form and thereby help humanity across geographical, racial, cultural and religious barriers. Such a treasure is not to be ignored and lost, but to be preserved and promoted all across the globe.