Certificate Course

Chhandayan offers certificate courses on different disciplines of Indian music and dance. These courses are methodically structured to cover all essential aspects of the subject within a specific period of time. Our faculty, teaching these courses, are highly qualified and competent. They have the knowledge and wisdom of several years of study and research.

In these courses we maintain a perfect balance between ancient Indian way of learning under a Guru and its modern evolutionary approach. We do not hesitate to use technology, which has become part of modern life and has efficiently connected people from different parts of the world. However, we use technology only as a way to expand the scopes and possibilities of learning.

These courses, in their content and pedagogy, are equivalent to degree courses.


This is a comprehensive course for a student of tabla. It is designed to cover most of the essential areas in the study of tabla, taking a student from the beginner level up to the preliminary level of performing as a soloist and accompanist.

The course is built up in eight years:

  • Beginner 1 : Year 1(30 hours of lessons per year)

  • Beginner 2 : Year 2 (30 hours of lessons per year)

  • Beginner 3 : Year 3 (30 hours of lessons per year)

  • Intermediate 1 : Year 4 (34 hours of lessons per year)

  • Intermediate 2 : Year 5 (34 hours of lessons per year)

  • Intermediate 3 : Year 6 (34 hours of lessons per year)

  • Advanced 1 : Year 7 (36 hours of lessons per year)

  • Advanced 2 : Year 8 (36 hours of lessons per year)

In the choice of materials and teaching methodology, openness, adaptability and appreciation towards all tabla gharanas are maintained.

While covering the theoretical and practical topics of the curriculum, three parallel approaches (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) are taken according to students’ maturity in terms of age and accomplishment.

The progress in each level, depends on several common factors, such as aptitude, receptivity, retaining capacity, regularity, diligence and dedication. Physical and mental abilities also play a significant role. In musical excellence, talent is always the most essential element, a gift that cannot be acquired. Talent has to be combined with dedicated hard work.

The classes will be conducted in person, through skype, google hang-out, facetime or similar online options.

The complete curriculum is given at the time of registration.


Calendar for 2020-21 Academic Year

Application is now open. Please submit the application form by August 25th.
Placement audition/interview will be held between August 16th and 25th, 2020.
Registration will be open from August 21st through the 25th, 2020.
First day of class will be on August 31st, 2020. First week will be orientation for new candidates.
The Final Recital will be held on Sunday, May 30th, 2021. It can either be on site or on a virtual platform or a combination of both.

Indian Music Appreciation

The Indian Music Appreciation Course (IMAC) will be offered in four semesters, starting from the first day of September and ending on the last day of August, of each year. In each semester ten classes will be offered. The classes will be conducted virtually on every Saturday from 11 am (NY time) for a duration of 55 minutes, out of which the first 45 minutes will be a lecture on the topic, followed by a question-answer session for 10 minutes.

The Indian Music Appreciation Course will be taught by Professor Samir Chatterjee, also the President of Chhandayan. Prof. Chatterjee has held esteemed faculty positions at several reputed institutions in the USA. He has also authored three significant books on Indian music. He has numerous published recordings to his credit. In addition to Prof. Chatterjee, experts on the specific topic of the class may appear as guests. In each lecture-session, relevant audio-visual samples and/or practical demonstrations may be used.

Relevant notes, texts and links on the topic of the lecture will be displayed on the screen for reference.

At the end of the course attendees will be offered an option to take a test quiz. They will also receive a certificate at the end of the course.

The classes will be conducted in English language.
The classes will be conducted on Zoom. Please have it installed on your device.
The zoom link and log-in information will be shared after registration. Please use it with discretion for your attendance in the class.
A webcam, microphone, and a high-speed internet connection are needed.
You should set up in a reasonably quiet area.
You should be prepared to take notes.
Please share any information needing special attention or consideration.
Recording is not permitted.

Tuition $3600. The enrollment deadline is August 31, 2020

Purchase IMAC Class Tuition through Paypal.
3% added to cover Paypal fees for a total of $3708