Baithak – Sahnai Recital Hassan Haidar Khan


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Baithak – Sahnai Recital Hassan Haidar Khan

Sahnai – Hassan Haidar Khan
Tabla – Sandip Ghosh

Chhandayan will greet the new year, a better year in 2021 with this ‘Mangalik’ (auspicious) Baithak Concert. The concert will feature a Sahnai recital by Hassan Haidar Khan performing Raga Hansadhwani, a raga equally popular in South (Carnatic) and North Indian (Hindustani) music. He will be accompanied on the tabla by Sandip Ghosh. This concert is dedicated to the memory of the renowned Sahani maestro Ustad Ali Ahmed Hussian. Hassan Haidar Khan is able son and disciple.

Admission: Free

Hassan Haidar Khan

Hassan Haider is an acknowledged Shahnai player. His family hails from Allahabad, and he was born in Kolkata (Calcutta) on April 6th 1985. His father Ud. Ali Ahmed Hussain was a famous Shahnai maestro. His family has been representing this art form for generations.
Hassan Haider received his training in Benaras and Senia Gharanas from his father. He also learned from Pt. Arvind Parikh, the famous sitar maestro from school of Ud. Imdad Khan, Ud. Enayat Khan and Ud. Vilayat Khan. Hassan’s great grandfather Ud. Wazir Ali Khan was a musician of distinction. He was the first musician to ever perform the Shahnai at the Buckingham Palace in London, England in 1910 and was awarded by Pt. Motilal Nehru, the father of India’s first Prime Minister Jawharlal Nehru.
Even at this young age, Hassan Haider has already performed at many important music festivals, venues and occasions in India, such as The Autumn Festival of Dance and Music in celebration of India’s 50th year of independence, Dover Lane Music Festival in Kolkata, Harballav Festival in Jalandhar, Uttarpara Sangeet Chakra in West Bengal, Sri Ram Shankarlal Festival in Delhi, Ud. Alauddin Khan Academy in Bhopal, Sangeet Natak Academy in Pune, only to name a few. All of his performances have been well reviewed in newspapers and magazines.
He had toured and performed with his father in several countries outside India. Those include the USA, Canada, U.K., France, Switzerland and Belgium. He is regularly featured on Indian radio and television.

Sandip Ghosh

Sandip Ghosh is a talented, young, upcoming musician of the present generation. He has successfully evolved as a promising Tabla player of the Farukhabad Gharana. He is equally adept as a solo musician as well as an accompanist with vocal, instrumental and dance performances. Sandip is known for his great sense of creativity as well as intelligent and sensible accompaniment.

Born in 1982, in a music loving family of Kolkata, he was initiated into the art of Tabla by his supportive parents in his early childhood. He started to learn Tabla under the tutelage of Pt. Gobindo Bose and continued for nine years. Sandip, then came in touch of Pt. Anindo Chatterjee where he started taking talim and gradually emerged as a specialised Tabla player of the superb style of “Farukhabad” gharana. Under the able guidance of Pt. Anindo Chatterjee, he has gained extensive talim of all other gharanas as well. He is also taking Vocal accompaniment Talim from Pt. Ajoy Chakrabarty.
Sandip Ghosh is a 1st class 1st in “M.A.” in Music from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
Sandip has accompanied several globally distinguished artistes like Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty, Pt. Hari Prasad Chourasia, Ustad Aashish Khan, Pt. Kushal Das, Pt. Ramesh Mishra, Pt. Tejendra Narayan Majumder, Pt. Nayan Ghosh, Shri Prattyush Banerjee, Pt. ParthoSarathy, Pt. Debojyoti Bose, Vid. Kaushiki Chakraborty, Shri Partha Sarathi Desikan, Shri Ranajit Sengupta, Shri Purbayan Chatterjee, Smt. Shirin Sengupta, Shri Partha Bose, Shri Sugato Nag, Shri Snehashish Mozumder, Pt. Buddhadev Dasgupta, Ud. Shahid Parvez, Ud. Shujaat Khan,Vid. Dr. M. Balamuralikrish and the likes.

He has been successfully featured in several significant and prestigious concerts like Doverlane Music Conference, Uttarpara Sangeet Chakra, ITC SRA Sangeet Sammelan, Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsav, Shankarlal Music Festival, Bal Gandharv Sangeet Samaroh, Saptak Music Festival, Sangeet Shankar Darbar Music Festival, Ganga Mahotsav etc.

Sandip Ghosh has performed all over the globe in USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, Italy France, Belgium, Holland, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Georgia, Oman, Kuwait, Denmark and so on .
He is an empanelled artist of ICCR and SPICMACAY.
He has successfully collaborated with Music Bands like ‘Kyabaat’, Hamburg, ‘Ragas & Blossoms’, Kolkata, ‘String Struck’, Mumbai, ‘Asa, The Coral of Life’, Munich , ‘Anouraag’, Switzerland, ‘You & Me’, Germany, ‘ K3’, Austria ‘Big-Band Orchestra’ of ‘Hamburg Music University’.

Sandip Ghosh has won many titles and awards. To mention a few are President’s Award, “Gold Medal” in South Asian Universities Festival twice, “ Academy Puroskar ”, Rajya Sangeet Academy, National Scholarship from Govt. of India, Dover Lane Music Conference Award.

Sandip also got the rare and precious opportunity to play several duets with his legendary guru, the great tabla maestro Pt. Anindo Chatterjee.

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